Towards secure online communications

From the city of Barcelona, since 1997


Our mission is to improve the security of online communications through customer oriented innovation.

Customers go First

We truly believe that any solution must address a real need. This is why we stay close to our customers, always ready for what they have to say to help us build what they expect.

Keep it Simple

From the customer side, technology is often too challenging. And it shouldn't be. We try hard to design and evolve our solutions with simplicity in mind: it's our customers who will be using what we build, not us.


We all have personal lifes and interests. To love what we do and working as a real team cannot be achieved at the expense of our personal lives. We encourage and help the team to make both their personal life and professional challenges compatible.

eEvidence is a simple, yet strong, innovative method to establish proof that the content of a particular email has been delivered to a third party at a verifiable time. An eEvid.

Launched in February 2012.

55,606,525 emails certified so far.

15,682 customers from 123 countries.

14.6 certified email per minute.

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SerenaMail is much more than an anti-spam service. It is a comprehensive and flexible technological environment for managing and securing corporate email communications.

Launched in March 2000.

4 million emails managed each day, on average.

+250 companies and +40,000 users in Spain.

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